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The vessel monitoring system is capable of analysing video footages (recognize and count objects) to detect vessel moving in and out of a dock or finishing port.
A video processing software package is deployed on a server to undertake key video analysis functionalities such as counting vessels moving in/out the dock, taking photo of incoming/outgoing vessel, providing statistics of incoming/outgoing vessels, recognizing types of vessels, storing images of vessels, etc.

The monitoring system is developed to become an open platform which is compatible with a wide range of hardware suppliers, make it extendable without depending on any suppliers.
The system also employs multi-thread processing to ensure that it is scalable to a large number of cameras without affecting overall performance.
The system is developed in key technologies as follows:

  • Operating system: Linux;
  • Web-server: Apache;
  • Programming languages: C/C++, Perl, PHP;
  • Video encoder: H264;
  • Camera data exchange protocol: ONVIF;

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